Monday, August 2, 2010

LolitaWork & Kanon Wakeshima

Do you love LoliGoth Fashion?

Well I do, I love the fashion with a Victorian style dresses, laces, black + white + red, and of course they look super kawaii too. I got an email from LaCarmina regarding her new blog post of Kanon Wakeshima and she opened up a contest on her blog. So do check it out here. If you haven't know, Kanon Wakeshima is a Japanese singer & cellist. Cello is a great instrument and is one of which I wanna learn to play too, yea I wish. She loves to dress up like the lolita-gothic style which is very unique in my opinion. Cello + LoliGoth = Coolness. haha. Watch this mv below.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Samgak Kimbap & Onigiri

A few weeks ago, I watched Maangchi made this delicious looking samgak kimbap and wanted to make one, but problem is I don't have that special plastic wrapping they normally used, -.- nor do I know any nearby convenient store that sells Japanese/Korean goods around my area.

Finally I've tried out my first taste on samgak kimbap which I bought at the local supermarket food court..ha ha..It tastes goooooooddd okay eventhough it's only from the food court and not from a specific korean restaurant, well as long as I can taste it, ha ha ! I've had kimchi and chicken filling.And also bought this...I don't know what it is but the taste is almost FLAVORLESS! Samgak kimbap also remind me of Japanese's Onigiri. It's almost the same idea, rice wrapped with seaweed. Here's some cute Onigiri! Yea, maybe I can made this one.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Do you want to win some cute gifts?

If you haven't read this blog already, well here is it Tokyo Kawaii. You can also search the link beside this bar of my blog. Tokyo Kawaii is a place you can find anything Japanese, be it Japanese Foods, Fashions, Culture, Language, TV shows, Beauty Products, Health and much more. Kirin-san is giving away some cool prizes so be sure to check her page out cos you will never know you'll might be the winner.

There are so many info you can get here too like why Facebook is not popular in Japan? As y'all can see everybody's like having a Facebook Fever, almost everyone I know have a Facebook account. To the Japanese, it's not though.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


These ankle boots really caught my eye! I LOVE 'EM A LOT! Maybe because I saw MGY wearing one of those "kinda similar" shoe in the drama. It's from the page. There a lot more shoes, jewelleries, bags, beauty products, men's fashion on that site, mainly the Korean/Japanese styles.

Oh, it's so tempting ! O_________O

Monday, July 5, 2010

Seoul, Korea. Seoul Is Happy. Seoul Is Passion

Places to go: SEOUL, KOREA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Korea is one of the place that I would really love to visit someday and experience it. Something about Korea that attracts me, the culture, the people, the intriguing hangul character, the korean language, authentic foods, fashion, entertainment and of course the ancient buildings/places/beautiful landscape. I am also an avid fan of K-dramas and also their k-pop-song-that-makes-you-wanna-learn-how-to-dance kinda feeling. Taeyang's Wedding Dress was like an addiction to me, seriously the dance move of it is really sleek, great music video too! What do you think?

Check out this beautiful ad of Seoul featuring Lee Byung Hun. This tv commercial will be aired in Japan.


And these featuring the Wonder Girls, an advertisement for China. :)

More of Seoul here : Hi Seoul, Soul of Asia

How to get snapped on the street

How to get snapped on the street

This is an interesting blog post by Kirin, check it out! Street Fashion is really interesting :)

Cinderella's Sister

I love watching K-dramas and also J-dramas. Recently, this drama had been aired on KBS2. If you like watching melodramatic kinda drama be sure to check this out. Usually, I might get bored watching this type of drama but this one is really good and I LOVED IT. Lots of emotions going on and I have to say that Moon Geun Young plays her character as "Eun Jo" a very very excellent job. It's like a different version of Moon Geun Young you'll see & "Ki Hoon oppa" is zeebessst ever!!!! ha ha XD